Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spotlight on David Whitehead’s Latest Western eBooks.

David Whitehead

Prolific writer and good friend, David Whitehead AKA Ben Bridges and several other pseudonyms, has over the years entertained us with his unique style of writing, especially in the western genre.   

Here are four of his latest books that can be found on Amazon which are definitely worth reading and great value for money.  

The Texas Rangers sent Carter O’Brien south of the border with orders to kill a madman. It was said that his target—a murderous bandit named Salazar—had the face of an angel and the heart of a demon. Certainly, judging by all he’d heard, O’Brien sure figured he needed killing. Given the choice, though, he’d sooner have faced Salazar in a head-on gunfight than turn back-shooter and kill him from hiding.
But the only trouble with that idea lay with Salazar’s eight-strong gang of cut-throats, for it was common knowledge that if you took on one of them, you took on the lot—and even a professional fighting man like O’Brien had to draw the line somewhere ...

With the promise of $10,000 still ringing in his ears, professional fighting man Carter O’Brien rode south to free Aaron Norris, a big-shot politician who’d been framed for murder. But it wasn’t going to be easy. Norris was being held in a prison nearly two hundred miles from home, and it was a veritable fortress that had been built right on the doorstep of a garrison full of Mexican soldiers.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, there were others who’d set their sights on the reward — two get-rich-quick Americans named Pope and Trace, and a half-Cheyenne Dog Soldier called Sundown.
As they all came together, the dry Mexican air was shattered by the roar of dynamite and the higher, deadly whine of bullets ...

All Kate Whitney had to do to put Senator George Copperday away for life was take the witness stand and tell the court everything she knew. But if something happened to prevent her from giving evidence — like a well-aimed bullet for example — Copperday would go free.
The beautiful target desperately needed protection, and it came in the form of Judge Wilde’s secret army of crime-busters, ‘The Wilde Boys’, six of the toughest — and most unlikely — law-enforcers ever to slap leather.
But what should have been a routine mission turned into something far more deadly when Copperday hired a pack of vicious killers. Soon the Wilde boys were pitting both wits and weapons against the would-be assassins in a last-ditch attempt to keep Kate alive. But in the final bloody showdown, who would live and who would die?

David and his long time collaborator, Steve Hayes have come up with a great new western series, the Kincannons. The first book, ‘COMES A STRANGER,’ can be found at Amazon as a Kindle edition or directly from Follow the link below. 

Comes a Stranger (Kincannon)

He was a stranger till he came to the aid of the four Kincannons. Then Ben Lawless became the best friend Mercy, Cinnamon, Caleb and Jonah could have wished for. But that was only the beginning for the Kincannons. When Cinnamon went missing the others had to grow up fast if they were to find and save her. Together with Lawless and an enigmatic old Lakota warrior called Shadow Wolf, they set out on an epic quest ... and a blood-soaked showdown that none of them could have foreseen.

I’m also pleased to announce the second book from the mini-series, ‘The Deputy,’ by George G. Gilman is now on sale at Amazon. 
NEWS FLASH!  ‘THE LONER’ & ‘TEN GRAND’ from the first series of Edge will be launched within the next two weeks.


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