Friday, May 11, 2012

Farewell to Mr. Jinx!

 Hi everyone, it seems I have been away far too long because of one thing or another. Hopefully things are now getting back to normal and I can begin to get down to some serious writing. With the third story of Angelo and his sidekick Mr. Jinx just around the corner I would like to pay tribute to the one who inspired me to include a dog in the Angelo series. My four legged friend, Duma, a wolf-dog with a unique disposition became Mr. Jinx. Sadly Duma recently passed away and this is what I wrote about her… 

It grieves me so much to announce the passing of my precious little girl, Duma. It has taken me days to come to terms with my loss and to post this sad news. She was my constant companion.     
I was there when she came into this world, and I was there to hold her as we parted ways in the knowledge that we would one day be reunited.
She was with me for twelve memorable years, sharing with me times of tears and joy. Our time together can only be described as … magical! She gave me so much, always ready to please and with a love that was unconditional. Many a time when I was feeling down, she’d nudge me with her snout, I’d look into her beautiful blue eyes and things didn’t seem so bad after all. She had this wonderful calming effect on me. She has left such a great void in my life! But I know she will always be with me, in my heart and in my writing.

Dogs truly are some of nature’s finest jewels, dazzling
us in so many ways.
They understand us so well, encouraging us to carry
on when things look bleak.
Then they share our happiness with an enthusiasm and love
second to none when the sun shines once again in our lives.

We none of us know just how long we are destined to
stay on this Earth,
but if that time is spent with those whom we love faithfully
and who in return love us as family,
then surely our lives have been blessed.

Always remember your precious dog with love,
knowing that kindred spirits will, in the fullness of time,
be reunited.

In the next issue read about the final book of EDGE. Also the Piccadilly Cowboys are alive and kicking!

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